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Fireball dog tag
Fireball dog tag
Fireball dog tag

Fireball dog tag

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All tags are hand stamped which means that no two tags will be the same. We do our best to make each tag identical, but there will be a uniqueness to every tag. 

It is inevitable that metals will tarnish over time,  Exposing tags to the elements such as water and dirt will make the process occur faster. 

To keep your tag looking new longer, use a natural polishing solution!

All tags come with the stamped parts inked! over time the ink will fade. To make the design looking new take a fine tip sharpie and color the letters and designs in. Wipe away the rest with a polishing cloth or a tiny pit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball.  

Please be aware that on most tags only one number will fit on the back. If two numbers are given only one number will be put on the tag unless the tag allows two. 

Addresses will not fit on the tag. If an address is given the tag will be made without it. 

Please make sure you triple check the name and number you give us. We are not required to remake tags with customer mistakes.


Tag hardware is not rated to handle being leashed to. that being said please make sure to attach your pets leash to their collar and not the tag hardware. 

Customization? Shoot us a message on Instagram or by E-mail!

This tag is 1 inches

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